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At ZEAL we believe there are lots of ways to enjoy the mountain. From early morning sled missions to your favorite zone to all-day hike in’s to the lines you have always wanted to get; the desire to go further, get deeper and experience more is built in each one of us.

The GPS Collection by ZEAL is the most advanced in the world. Powered by Recon Technology, our goggles have the ability to track your run, clock your speed, check in with a friend and more.

There is a lot to explore out there and we want to make sure that we continue to create the world’s most premium goggles for those that live to push the limits.


Z3 LIVE is the ultimate in goggle technology.

Equipped with the Recon MOD LIVE GPS system, Z3 LIVE delivers the most premium advanced GPS technology yet.

Track your Speed, Altitude, GPS, Jump Stats, Temperature, and even more with the addition of smartphone integration. Z3 LIVE enables caller ID, text messages, buddy tracking and mountain navigation all from the integrated 16:9 Widescreen Display.

The world’s most technical goggle is paired with the most progressive lens in the business. Handcrafted in Japan, this Polarized + Photochromic lens brings to market the most superior optical clarity ever seen.

Z3 LIVE truly defines the market as the most premium offering ever built.